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Meulensteen Method

Rene Meulensteen Camp Curriculum USTC

About Rene

  • UEFA Pro-license
  • Head Coach of Fulham FC, England
  • Head Coach of Anzhi Makhachkala, Russia
  • First Team Coach of Manchester United, England
  • Head Coach Brondby, Denmark
  • Youth Coach at NEC – Nijmegen, Netherlands

Rene Meulensteen created his player development philosophy and training program after studying the best players and the most successful teams in the world.  He found that good athletes in the U15 and over age groups did not meet the technical and tactical demands of the game and were unable to fulfil their potential.  Rene responded to this conclusion by creating a unique player development curriculum with the following goals in mind:

  • Develop creative confident players
  • Teach players the skills needed to dominate the 1v1 situation
  • Design age and stage appropriate training sessions

Rene had great success and caught the attention of Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United. In 2001 Ferguson brought Rene into Manchester United’s famed youth academy to implement the very program that he created. The results were quickly noticed and success soon followed. Rene’s program was used to train players like Danny Welbeck (England International and current Arsenal FC player) and Tom Cleverly (current Aston Villa player). In 2008 Rene was promoted to “First Team Coach” by Sir Alex Ferguson.  Over the next five years Rene trained world famous players such as Ronaldo, Hernandez, Rooney while helping Manchester United gain four Premier League titles, three Community Shields, two League Cups, UEFA Champions League winners, and World Cup Champions (for clubs).

This exciting partnership between Butler University and Sportpartners USA – Meulensteen Academy brings an unprecedented player development opportunity to the Indianapolis, IN area.  This is your chance to train under the same methods that contributed to Manchester United becoming the most successful team in modern soccer history.

Camp Curriculum

The Meulensteen Academy brings a new and unique training methodology to Butler University Soccer Camp program.  Our partnership with Butler Men’s Soccer Program, led by Head Coach Paul Snape, will bring excitement and greater skill development for all players who enroll in a Butler University Soccer Camp offered for the summer of 2015.

What can players expect to gain by enrolling in one of the Butler camps?

1) Training according to the proven and successful “Moves & Skills” method developed by Rene Meulensteen and implemented at Manchester United’s Youth Academy during his time at the famed club. The “Moves & Skills” method:

  • Is player-centered: teaches each player the individual skills needed to excel on the pitch
  • Develops confident, creative, and skillful players
  • Identifies the four most critical 1v1 situations
  • Teaches the unique skill-sets to be used in the four 1v1 situations
  • Trains the components of these skill-sets so the player can master his opponent

2) Progressive methodology allows players to remain challenged and motivated
   Turn Technique into Skill into Strategy

  • Player must first be able to properly execute the many fundamental skills such as passing, receiving, striking, dribbling, as well as the more complex moves and skills to deceive and control the opponent.
  • Once the player masters the technique, attention shifts to the applying technique in structured practice activities and small sided games along with the introduction of passive defenders.
  • Finally the players are placed in the small game environment where they now learn how to strategically best apply the acquired skill-sets to benefit the team

   Ages and Stages of player development

  • Each player is unique and has a different soccer “DNA”.  The Meulensteen method recognizes that players develop at different rates and learn in various ways.  Due to our individual approach each player will experience success on and off the ball.  We develop the person as a whole along with the soccer specific skills!

  Positive and success orientated environment

  • The camp atmosphere is safe, encouraging, and geared to challenge each participant to succeed!
  • Our motto is: “Encourage the Will and Compliment the Skill.”
  • Players are challenged to take initiative on and off the pitch.  Take responsibility, dare to lead, communicate with others - in short, become a confident leader within your environment.
  • Success has many shapes and forms.  Players are trained to view success in different measures than the obvious “wins and losses” or “goals for and against.”  Success and a player’s drive to succeed are important motivators and can be applied throughout their lives


US Technical Championship Challenge

The US Technical Championship (USTC) is a unique opportunity to further develop and motivate young aspiring players to focus on the importance and power of skill when it is combined with confidence and creativity. Rene Meulensteen’s player development curriculum is the foundation for this event.  Technical Championship competitions have been held in Belgium, the Netherlands, South-Africa, and now for the second year in the USA and Canada.

This six hour event begins with players training on the four 1v1 situations during the morning hours.  The training activities are designed by Coach Meulensteen and provide a clear purpose and direction for the players.  Through repetition the players become aware of the power to dominate a certain 1v1 situation.  They realize they are capable of solving the 1v1 situation which creates an inner feeling of success.  This success fosters increased confidence within the young players.

During the afternoon hours the pressure on the players increases as defenders are introduced to the activities along with various small-sided game situations where players are encouraged to showcase their skill, confidence, and creativity.  The players who, in the judgment of the event coaches, demonstrate the greatest success in each age category throughout the event are declared the winners and receive an invitation to participate in the 2015 US Technical Championship Finals to be held late summer in Indianapolis, IN.  The winners of all other locations will come to Indianapolis to compete for the title “2015 US Technical Champion.”  Players compete in one of four age categories:  6-7, 8-9, 10-11, and 12-13 years of age.

Each participant in US Technical Championship Challenge sponsored by the Butler University Soccer Camp will receive a USTC medal, and certificate.  Winners receive an invitation to participate in the US Technical Championship final event where each participant receives a trophy and has the chance to be crowned as “2015 US Technical Champion.”



This camp is independently owned and operated. It is in no way affiliated with Butler University.